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Susovos&FAW Volkswagen Factory Automation Elevating Platform
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Susovos is a physical manufacturing factory that integrates design, manufacturing, and sales. It supports the design of various production line supporting equipment and provides corresponding solutions to meet different requirements. Specialized design technicians provide on-site measurement and calculation solutions, and conduct effective simulations 

Design to meet customer requirements.And with comprehensive after-sales service, professional service personnel will record your repair content at that time. We will also promptly handle customer repairs in accordance with the relevant terms and contents of after-sales service.

Each FAW Volkswagen car requires approximately four steps from steel plates to a finished car: stamping, welding, painting, and assembly. Every step and even every part of car manufacturing directly affects the quality, performance, and driving safety of the entire vehicle. During this process, each link is closely integrated to ensure the normal operation of each workstation link. The lifting platform used also plays a significant role. The lifting platform is made of imported accessories, and the motor is equipped with SEW quick plug motor. If there is a fault, it can be quickly replaced to ensure the fast and normal operation of each workstation.

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