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Corporate culture
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People-oriented, honest and pragmatic, innovative and enterprising, rewarding society.
Business purpose:
Credibility comes first, users first, quality satisfaction, punctual delivery, willing to cooperate sincerely with you and develop hand in hand.
Service purposes:
Warmly welcome new and old customers, understand customer needs exactly; strict quality process control to ensure contract delivery cycle; timely quality tracking, quickly handle quality objections.
Quality tenet:
To meet the customer's expectations and requirements for the physical quality of products with factory control standards that are superior to domestic and international standards.
Enterprise spirit:
Reputable in China and famous in the world.
Enterprise's goal:
Create a Chinese famous brand and produce world-class products.
marketing strategy:
Unique varieties, excellent quality, moderate price, prompt delivery, flexible strategy and high quality service.
Corporate style:
Economics stress benefits, management stresses systems, principles do things, and efficiency stresses work.
Corporate ethics:
Business philosophy:
No one has me, others have me, people have me, and people have me.
Humanistic concept:
Leading in thinking, people-oriented.

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