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How to debug the hydraulic elevator after installation?
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Preparation before installation of lifting platform:

1. After the arrival of the equipment, the installation engineer shall reconfirm the site and conduct the level test.

2. When the equipment is transported to the site, all tools and goods elevator equipment shall be checked.

Key points for commissioning of hydraulic elevator:

1. Personal labor protection articles must be worn before work, especially safety helmets. Safety belts must be fastened when working at heights. Electricians and welders must wear insulating shoes and check all tools used.

2. Before commissioning the elevator, be sure to wear insulating shoes, gloves or stand on the insulating mat, otherwise construction is prohibited.

3. During installation, first contact the person in charge of the on-site construction unit to jointly study the safety measures and safety precautions of both parties in the on-site work, and jointly observe and implement them.

4. When the goods elevator is working, it must be hung with a sign of someone working in the underground outside the hall of each floor.

5. 36V working lights must be used when working in the hoistway, and 12V tool lights must be used when working in the lift car.

6. No one is allowed to stop under the workplace, and it is not allowed to slide or jump off the scaffold.

7. During commissioning, the start-up personnel shall cooperate with the commissioning personnel, concentrate and follow the command of the commissioning personnel.

8. During the commissioning of elevator and hoistway operation, it is strictly prohibited to operate after drinking, play games and joke, cooperate well and supervise the safety work of others.

9. When using gas and electric welding, observe the safety operation regulations of gas and electric welding, and pay attention to safety and fire prevention.

Equipment commissioning: connect the power cable of the equipment and start the commissioning. Lift the equipment with no load, and stop testing the control button in the middle. Check whether the buttons are flexible and effective. The lifting operation shall be carried out after the equipment is fully loaded. Check whether the buttons are flexible and effective. Whether it can operate normally. Raise the equipment to the highest point, and check whether the contact gap between the table and the pit is within a reasonable range.

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