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Sinopec Lubricant Mobile Boarding Bridge Project
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The hydraulic loading bridge is a special auxiliary equipment for loading and unloading goods used in conjunction with the forklift. With it, the forklift can directly enter the car compartment from the ground to load and unload goods. It can improve the speed of cargo loading and unloading, save the time and manpower for loading and unloading, and is your right-hand man for loading and unloading cargo. The safe and fast loading and unloading of goods can be realized by single person operation without power supply. The mobile boarding bridge is used for the cargo platform and mobile loading and unloading place without loading and unloading equipment, and is an auxiliary equipment for cargo loading and unloading used in conjunction with the forklift. The height can be adjusted according to the height of the car. Forklift trucks can directly drive into the car through this equipment to load and unload goods in batches.

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