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Nine categories of aluminum alloy elevators
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1. Vehicle mounted elevator: It is an aerial work equipment that can install aluminum alloy elevators on cars.
2. Wall mounted elevator: It has single span and double span type. The elevator is stable, safe and reliable, and suitable for supermarkets, hospitals and other industries.
3. Fixed aluminum alloy elevator: it makes it easy for a single person to work at height. If it can't be moved, it can only be fixed for operation.
4. Telescopic table aluminum alloy elevator: when working at height, the operating table can be freely retracted, thus expanding the scope of work.
5. Chain elevator: it is called chain elevator because of the chain lifting caused by the use of oil cylinder drive.
6. Curved arm elevator: It can work high above the obstacles. When the platform is lifted to any position, it can work while walking.
7. Scissor lift: the mechanical structure of the scissor makes the lifting platform have a high stability, a wide working platform and a high bearing capacity, making the aerial work range larger and suitable for multiple people to work at the same time.
8. Mobile aluminum alloy elevator: new aluminum alloy profiles are used. Due to the high strength of profiles, the deflection and swing of the lift table are very small.
9. Folding elevator: it overcomes the defects of unreasonable structure and inconvenient use of existing domestic elevators.

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